Gigs coming up!!!

The usual haunts, playing the Orange Lantern, the Lakeside and Rhodes Tavern with my band Decadence in the next 2 weeks. Busy busy busy!! Busy is a good thing. Keep playing guitar, keep making the shows better however we can, learning what works. It is a great thing. We also have a few duo gigs coming up in the next couple of months and I look forward to expanding and refining that as well. Right now, those are my 2 bands and acts I’m playing with that I am a part of. There are no others as I have nothing booked just yet with anyone else anywhere. I’m always happy to take a fill in or play with other people I want to play with, but that doesnt make me part of their band. I really shouldnt be listed as a member on any other website. just throwing that out there into the universe……..

On a more fun note, I have a new guitar! Traded a couple of Les Pauls for a new paint splattered Knaggs SSC. Can’t wait to get this out there to play it for people. See you at the show!! 

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