I’m loving life being exactly who I am!!!!

Ahhhhh, the spoils of enjoying what I’m doing with my life. What a blessing that is. I have my family, my home, my safety and security, my support system and all of you are cherished! You all help me to make a better me each and every day. 

Really loving my new Knaggs SSC, thank you Anthony from Eastchester Music, the #1 Knaggs dealer in the world. I appreciate you immensely and value our friendship. The guitar is playing wonderfully. The Fractal FM3 is really exceeding expectations and more than getting the job done. What an amazing sound. I’m blessed. Thank you, universe. 

We just had a really good sounding gig at Redds in Carlsdtat, NJ. We are continuing to refine the band and things just get better and better. Best sounding band I’ve ever been in. After years, I’m once again proud of my band and don’t feel like videos need to be hidden and untagged. Amazing once you have a personnel change, everything just falls into place. People are noticing. Same story over and over again just reaffirming the obvious. 

Make no mistakes, I love playing the guitar. I’m going to leave this planet with a guitar in my hand playing somewhere for someone. It may be a tiki bar, it may be in a pit, it may be on a big stage. One thing is for sure, I will not be stopped doing the job I was born to do. I was put here to make music for you, and that is exactly what I’m going to do! 

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