Next chapter starting, previous chapter is still going strong!

Ahhhhhh, the big moment I’ve been waiting for the last two and a half decades: RETIREMENT! No, not from music, but from my ‘other’ career as a law enforcement officer since 2000 in New York City. I now say goodbye and good riddance to New York and start my full time musician career, wherever that shall take me. Keep an eye out for everything Twisted Halo, which includes Decadence 80s band. We aren’t going anywhere and will be playing select shows starting next month so don’t listen to rumors of the bands ending. To quote Mr. Garrison from Southpark, “there are no stupid questions, just stupid people”. You read it here from the band: come out and enjoy the show. We will see you soon! 

 Angel and I will keep our duo going as well, and we will see whatever else life brings us. Musicplayers is also alive and well, so I will see all my industry friends at NAMM 2025. 

You know, retiring and never working again for anyone else really feels good and offers a pivotal point for reflection. I think back about all the times I’ve run off stage to get to work for 3AM. How many 100 dollar an hour days at work I missed (1k-1500 dollar days) to make a lousy 90 dollars playing guitar. I could have bought 2 boats and a Ferrari. Most folks had no idea how much money I threw away to play guitar. I know I made a lot of people happy and they appreciated it. How many people met their future spouses at one of my shows? I was a part of that, and there is no dollar amount to put on it. I’m GRATEFUL. I’m grateful to have been there and grateful to have touched your lives over the years and for that, take a bow. THANK YOU. 

This is not all a love story, unfortunately. Not everyone who is reading this is rooting for us. That is life, eh? They are the Takers. They take all of you and when you have nothing left to give them, you see the true colors. Takers are never your friends. They will only last as long as you give. Time, money, attention or whatever the vortex that is them is. When you feed it, all is good. Stop feeding it, sit back and watch. These folks also tend to be quite fragile and require constant validation. Validating their feelings are over. I leave those folks to stew in their delusions of grandeur. 

To leave this blog on a positive note, I just want to say THANK YOU, NEW JERSEY for supporting my music endeavors over the last 27 years. If you came out to a Money For The Toll show, a Visions show, a Decadence show or any other show and enjoyed yourself, I am grateful for you. This is not goodbye, this is until we meet again! 

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