New blog on old page

Hello to whoever may be reading this. You likely landed on my page either because you know me or know OF me. I've made some recent changes in my life for the better. It is now 2022 and I believe social media has really outlived its usefulness and is doing damage to the world. I have deleted my facebook, instagram and twitter accounts and after a week I couldn't be happier for it. There is a serious addictive factor to these sites and it took up too much of my time and attention. I do not have the personality type to not jump right in a current events discussion and these discussions are endless and they're usually with people who possess a fraction of my intelligence. In other words, the idiots have won the interwebz. I'm done. 

I'll be here living life in the real world. I'm embracing true friends and family, enjoying and paying attention to conversations and engaging with those who deserve it. 10k people I don't know do not need access to me or my family and close friends. I'm playing more guitar than I have in years. This is truly the right path for me. I'm going to enjoy the summer playing guitar in my band Rock Kandy as well as for Glenn Roberts Kranked Up Country band. Do make a show and do say hello. I promise my face won't be in my phone like the rest of the world........ 

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