Gigs, gigs gigs! 

Hello, everyone! Summer is turning out to be busier than it has in a long time for me. Playing with Rock Kandy as well as Glenn Roberts has been keeping me insanely busy! Good gig down in Atlantic City with Glenn last night and a full weekend with Rock Kandy is keeping my playing sharp, indeed. I’m really immersing myself in the country guitar style more and more. It feels natural to me (although while I’m learning it isn’t always sounding natural). I’m taking some online lessons with Guthrie Trapp, an…

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Glenn Roberts and the Cranky Up Country Band!  

Had a GREAT gig on a big stage down in Atlantic City yesterday. It was so much fun! Glenn is super professional and keeps me on my toes playing guitar. It's a pleasure to be able to play guitar with him.  We had perfect weather and the event was generally well attended. I find the country genre a little challenging and hope to get even better at it. Tonite will be The Mason Jar with Rock Kandy. See you there!! 

New blog on old page  

Hello to whoever may be reading this. You likely landed on my page either because you know me or know OF me. I've made some recent changes in my life for the better. It is now 2022 and I believe social media has really outlived its usefulness and is doing damage to the world. I have deleted my facebook, instagram and twitter accounts and after a week I couldn't be happier for it. There is a serious addictive factor to these sites and it took up too much of my time and attention. I do not have the…

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