“They will never be more than they are”!

“They will never be more than they are” is a quote from a guy named Robert. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of him. I want to explore the duality of its meaning with all of you, because it is important. 

On its surface, if someone said this to you, you may be insulted. ‘Who does this person think he is’ kind of insult. But REALLY think about it. Is this a bad thing? Who are you? Who am I? Do you like who you are? Do you crave more out of life? Are you happy with your station in the world? As a person? As a parent? As an employee? As a musician? As whatever hat you wear, are you………happy? 

If you are truly happy, then the above quote is an affirmation you’ve made it. You never WANTING to be more than you are is the goal. You’re doing great and you have won at life. A quote like that can only come from someone on their own journey to somewhere. This can only come from a person who is looking for something more, who is in a race with time and an imagined competition with the world. The truth is you can only be in competition with yourself if you want to get to a place where you can be happy. 

My truth is I’ve never felt so complete and happy in my life. I’m retired, I bought a beautiful home in cash, I absolutely cherish the family I have and the musicians and industry people I have around me. I never WANT to be more than I am at this very moment I’m writing this, so Robert, THANK YOU for this nugget of wisdom. I will never be the BEST guitar player, the BEST parent, the BEST employee, the BEST anything. What I am is pretty damn happy though. I have followed my dreams, dreamed big and made my dreams come true. I feel blessed to wake up being who I am. I feel blessed every time I set up my guitar and get to play for people and touch their lives. Whether it is for 50 people at a bar or a few thousand at a bandshell, the blessing for me is the same. I was put here to do this work and I’m doing it. 

So I ask the universe, why in the HELL would I want to be more than I am? 

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